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Deposit to be placed on upcoming litters due Late October/ November waiting list


Puppy picks are in the order the deposits were received. We notify the families when it is their turn to choose a puppy along with the list of puppies available to choose from.
If for some reason there is not a puppy available that is a good fit for your family you will remain on the waiting list in the order the deposit was received for upcoming litters until the right puppy is born.
If you prefer to only be notified when a certain color, generation, coat type or sex is available, please let me know.

Right now (09-06-2020) The deposits received are for upcoming litters due in Late October/ November 2020, ready to go home Late December/ January.

List for upcoming Medium Labradoodles:
3rd Pick: 04/24/2020: Ralph Nattans (mini/medium)

Upcoming litter list:
1st Pick: Bengjie Han and family (October litters)
1st Pick: 05/25/2020: Linda Galotti (Lacy or Diamonds litter, Multi generation apricot/ cream female, non shedding fleece)
2nd Pick: 06/20/2020: Cheryl Dickerson (Lacy litter, multi generational curly Apricot)
3rd pick: 06/28/2020: Troy Rosenberger (Lacy litter, Female, F1B/multi generation, creamy apricot)
4th pick: 07/11/2020: Sean + Shelley Lindsey (Venus litter girl)
5th Pick: 07/18/2020: Rose Hebert and Family (Lacy's litter)
6th pick: 07/18/2002: Ken Ray and Family (Lacy's litter Apricot/Red)
7th Pick: 07/18/2020: Yolanda Miller (Venus blue collar boy)
8th Pick: 07/30/2020: Bill Knight (Lacy's litter)
9th Pick: 08/01/2020: Trevor Schneider (Lacy and or upcoming litters)
10th Pick: 08/02/2020: James Davern and family (October/ November litters Apricot Labradoodle)
11th pick: 08/02/2020: Jonathan Broch (Lacy/ Diamond litter, Goldendoodle)
12th pick: 08/04/2020: Hector Cedeno (Venus litter, allergies)
13th Pick: 08/05/2020: Amy L Ort (October litters Chocolate boy)
14th Pick: 08/05/2020: Robin Taylor(zuri look, Oct/Nov litters, Low shedding scruffy look)
15th pick: 08/05/2020: Julio Gutierrez (October/ November litters, non shedding chocolate)
16th Pick: 08/07/2020: Amit Varma
17th pick: 08/09/2020: Kyle Weston
18th pick: 08/10/2020: Melissa Alzamora (Multi generation prefer Chocolate, black or parti)
19th Pick: 08/11/2020: Camille Tabet
20th pick: 08/11/2020: Michele Meehan (Holiday litters)
21st pick: 08/12/2020: Ramon Cruz (Apricot female Goldendoodle)
22nd pick: 08/14/2020: Danielle Hess (Darker solid color)
23rd Pick: 08/19/2020: CHEN, HONG (lighter color or parti girl)
24th Pick: 08/19/2020: Cristy Segura
25th Pick: 08/21/2020: Gabe Lewis
26th Pick: 08/22/2020: Ulrike Rehn
27th Pick: 08/25/2020: Kurt Schuh
28th Pick: 08/30/2020: Karlos Wiley (chocolate boy)
29th Pick: 08/31/2020: Alicia Jones (Allergies, cream/apricot Parti, boy or girl)
30th Pick: 09/02/2020: Jeff Stanford
31st Pick: Labradoodle Country
32nd Pick: 09/15/2020: Alexis Castillo
33rd Pick: 09/16/2020: Starleen Laury
34th Pick: 09/17/2020: Albert Sumpter
35th Pick: 09/18/2020: Jennifer Barker
36th Pick: 09/23/2020: Noelia D Goss and family (Multi generation apricot, red or golden m/f)
37th Pick:
38th Pick:
39th Pick:
40st Pick:
41st Pick:
42nd Pick:
43rd Pick:
44th Pick:
45th Pick:

10/06/2019: Robin Williams (Multi Generation curly non shedding coat)
01/05/2020: Lynette Woodhouse and family (male)
05/27/2020: Kristen Speakman (mini/medium apricot)

List for Soni's litter:
06/15/2020: Marc and Selah Eichenholtz and family! (Soni's orange collar girl)
07/06/2020: Maria Márquez and Juan Borregales and Family ( Soni's purple collar girl)
07/07/2020: Latoria Lubin (Soni's green collar girl)
07/12/2020: Mauri Gore (Soni's blue collar boy)
07/16/2020:10th Pick: 07/16/2020: Gwendolyn Mikes and Patrick Johnson (Soni's pink collar girl)


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