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Labradoodle Country WAITING LIST:

1st deposit receives first pick of litters:
List for upcoming Medium Labradoodles:
1st pick: 04/14/2020: Tammy Hawkins (mini/medium litter)
2nd pick: 04/21/2020: Bingjie Han (mini medium)
3rd Pick: 04/24/2020: Ralph Nattans (mini/medium)
4th pick: 05/18/2020: Linda Pearson (Mini/Medium)
5th Pick: 05/21/2020: Odane-Marc Bonner (mini/medium)

Upcoming litter list:
1st Pick: 04/16/2020: Yvonne and Darryl Pearson (Apricot Goldendoodle)
2nd pick 05/19/2020: Franchesca Cancel F1b boy
3rd pick: 05/20/2020: Bryan Murphy F1b (Prefer chocolate tuxedo boy)
4th Pick: 05/23/2020: Kevin Stack (Upcoming Maggie, Grams, Tina, Hazel, Boy)
5th Pick: 05/25/2020: Linda Galotti (Upcoming litter Multi generation female)
6th Pick: 05/27/2020: Kristen Speakman (2nd pick of next multi generation Goldendoodles)
7th Pick: 05/28/2020: Matias Vidret (upcoming litter multi generation female)
8th Pick: 06/07/2020: Linda Faichney (male)
9th Pick: 06/08/2020: Ivonne Guevara and family (Non shedding)
10th Pick: 06/10/2020: Amanda Cruz (Multi generation)
11th Pick: 06/11/2020: Christine Freiermuth (Maggie's litter)
12th Pick: 06/15/2020: Marc and Selah Eichenholtz and family! Multi Generation Parti Female
13th Pick: 06/20/2020: Cheryl Dickerson (multi generational curly male)
14th pick: 06/21/2020: Debbie Amaral Chow and Family
15th pick: 06/22/2020: Joel Muniz and family (multi generation/F1B female)
16th pick: 06/26/2020: Robert Hess and family (darker Colored female)
17th pick: 06/28/2020: Troy Rosenberger (Female, F1B/multi generation, creamy apricot)
18th pick: 07/01/2020: Sarah Hollister (prefers a parti)
19th pick: 07/03/2020: Jeanne Bradford (Multi generation possibly Parti)
20th pick: 07/03/2020: Evelyn Torres (Name= Chewy, chocolate boy wavy/curly non shedding f1b)
21st pick: 07/05/2020: Katherine Morris (Multi Generation Parti)
22nd pick: 07/06/2020: Lisa and Rick Bovenizer
23rd pick: 07/06/2020: Maria and Juan Borregales and Family
24th pick: 07/07/2020: Latoria Lubin (Boy)
25th pick:
26th Pick:
27th Pick:
28th Pick:
29th Pick: 10/06/2019: Robin Williams (Multi Generation curly non shedding coat)
30th Pick: 01/05/2020: Lynette Woodhouse and family (male)

List for Ziggy, Pixie and Bambi litter:
1: Patti and Evan (Pixies blue collar boy)
2: Leslie Berndl (Ziggy's Blue/white collar boy)
3: kelli Turman (Ziggy's Purple collar girl)
2nd Pick: Patricia Smith (Ziggy's white collar girl)
4th Pick: Lessie Fowler (Bambi's purple and white collar girl)
5th Pick: Alyson Ferrer (Pixie's yellow collar boy)
7th Pick: Drew and Julie Duncan (Pixie's pink collar girl)
8th Pick: Tiffany Landis (Pixie's orange collar boy)
9th Pick: Derek Smith (Bambi's yellow collar boy)
10th Pick: Kali/ Matthew Ferguson(Bambi's blue collar boy)
11th Pick: Karthik Sundaram (Pixie's orange/blue collar boy)
12th Pick: Steven Salazar (Ziggys pink collar girl)
13th Pick: Brianne Donnaruma (Ziggy's blue collar boy)
15th Pick: Megan Sullivan (Bambi's orange collar boy)
16th pick: Walter Lessberg (Ziggy's Yellow collar boy)
20th pick: Karin Morales (Pixie's purple collar girl)
22nd pick: Sharon Birkett (Ziggy's orange collar boy)
24th pick: David Burton (Bambi's pink collar girl)
27th pick: Wendy Pevear (Ziggy's green collar boy)
28th pick: Mariela Pajuelo (Bambi's white collar boy)
29th pick: C. Bradley O'Hara II (Ziggy's yellow/white collar boy)
30th pick: Tina and Steve Sargent (Pixie's green collar boy)
32nd pick: Carlos Carrera and family (Bambi's Green collar boy)
10th Pick (34th pick): Mary Tomlinson (Bambi's purple collar girl)


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