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Deposit to be placed on upcoming litters due December/ January waiting list


All puppies are available ONLY for the families on the waiting list. Puppy picks are in the order the deposits were received and families have until the litter is 6 weeks old at which time I need to know which pup you choose if wanting a puppy from that litter.

When it is your turn to choose your puppy, I email with a list of puppies available as well as the dates each litter is 6 weeks old.

If for some reason there is not a puppy available that is a good fit for your family you will remain on the waiting list in the order the deposit was received for upcoming litters until the right puppy is born.

If you prefer to only be notified when a certain color, generation, coat type or sex is available, please let me know.

Right now (11-21-2020) The deposits received are for upcoming litters due in December/ January 2020, ready to go home February/ March 2021.

Waiting list:
1st pick: 07/18/2020: Yolanda Miller (1st pick of F1B chocolate male)
2nd pick: 07/30/2020: Bill Knight (1st pick of apricot/ red curly female)
3rd pick: 08/02/2020: James Davern and family (apricot or red large boy)
4th pick: 08/11/2020: Michele Meehan (goldendoodle, white/apricot, Ready to go home after Christmas, Ladi litter)
5th Pick: 08/12/2020: Ramon Cruz (Prefers Ruby Blue Collar)

6th Pick: 09/02/2020: Jeff Stanford blonde or light brown perhaps some white mixed in

7th Pick: 09/17/2020: Albert Sumpter (Boy only, 1 Apricot or 2 Chocolate, Non shedding or Very low shedding, Wavy/Curly or loose wave, prefers boy from Ruby or cupcake litter)

8th Pick: 09/23/2020: Noelia D Goss (non shedding wavy curly, apricot or red(prefer), 1 female 2 male)

9th Pick: 10/01/2020: Roger Dean (Chocolate,Chocolate Parti,Apricot,Apricot Parti,Creamy/white. Non shedding to very low shedding wavy curly to loose wavy, Boy or girl, Ruby Raes or Cupcakes)

10th Pick: 10/08/2020: Brittany Bozeman and family

11th Pick: 10/11/2020: Natasha Bennett Multigenerational female/Apricot or possibly chocolate allergy (Apricot)

12th Pick:*** 10/11/2020: Eloisa Perez and family female (1.brown or 2. black prefer not shedding)

13th Pick: 10/12/2020: Iskra Martinez Multi (Any color, Any sex, any coat, non/ very low or low shedding Mild allergies)

14th Pick: 10/16/2020: Sophia and Chuck Humphrey (chocolate/ white/ most any color/ boy or girl)

15th Pick: 10/21/2020: Jenna Levine (Multi generation)
16th Pick: 10/23/2020: Angelo Grasso

17th pick: 10/24/2020: Shana A Noel

18th Pick: 10/29/2020: Catherine Cole (any sex, any color prefer parti, curly wavy non shedding allergies)

19th pick: 11/04/2020: David Osterholt (girl, wavy/curly loose wave, non shedding, Black and white Parti, Red, Brown and white parti)

20th pick: 11/08/2020: Carlos Rodriguez (all colors cream, apricots or chocolate, non shedding, wavy/ curly, prefer girl.

21st pick:11/13/2020: Adriene Barbosa (1:Chocolate or 2nd Apricot, No shedding, 1: Wavy/Curly 2: Loose wave, prefer girl, will consider boy)

22nd pick: 11/17/2020: Ryan Stacey (girl, Color (in order of preference): Apricot Partis, Apricot, Chocolate Partis, or Chocolate, Medium Shedding or better, wavy/curly, loose waves, or straight with some waves.

23rd pick: 11/17/2020: Ryan Atherton (male, any color, Non shedding
Very low shedding Low shedding, Wavy/Curly
Loose wave go home in January)

24th pick: 11/19/2020: Janet Tashner and Family

25th pick: 11/22/2020: Sandra VanHorn and family (Boy, any color prefer choc parti, low to non shedding, loose wave, wavy/ curly)

26th Pick: 11/28/2020: Daisy Espinal Go home March, Apricot/Red
27th Pick: 11/28/2020: Daisy Espinal Go home March, Chocolate
28th Pick:
29th Pick:
30th Pick:
31st Pick:
32nd Pick:
33rd Pick:
34th Pick:
35th Pick:

10/06/2019: Robin Williams (Multi Generation curly non shedding coat)
01/05/2020: Lynette Woodhouse and family (male)
05/27/2020: Kristen Speakman (mini/medium apricot)
08/07/2020: Amit Varma

Diamond puppy picks
04/21/2020: Bengjie Han and family (Diamonds purple collar girl)
08/05/2020: Robin Taylor (Diamonds dark blue collar boy)
08/09/2020: Kyle Weston (Diamonds blue/black collar)
08/01/2020: Trevor Schneider (Diamonds light blue collar boy)
08/11/2020: Camille Tabet (Diamonds black collar boy)
08/30/2020: Karlos Wiley (Diamonds orange/blue collar boy)

Pink's puppy picks:
08/14/2020: Danielle Hess (Pinks pink collar)
08/25/2020: Kurt Schuh (Pinks Purple collar)
09/15/2020: Alexis Castillo (Pinks white collar)

Kitty's puppy picks
08/05/2020: Julio Gutierrez (Kitty's green collar boy)
08/19/2020: Cristy Segura (Kitty's purple collar girl)
09/18/2020: Jennifer Barker (Kitty's yellow collar boy)
09/30/2020: Casey Wilbur (Kitty's pink collar girl)


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