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Deposit to be placed on upcoming litters due April waiting list


All puppies on the front page of the website are available ONLY for the families on the waiting list to choose from once it is their turn to choose a puppy.
Puppy picks are in the order the deposits were received and families have until the litter is 6 weeks old at which time I need to know which pup you choose if wanting a puppy from that litter.

I will email to let you know when it is your turn to choose your puppy. If a puppy is still featured on the front page of the website, then it is available to you to choose once it is your turn.
Once a puppy is chosen by families, they are removed from being featured on the front page. But you can still watch your puppy grow by clicking the "available" link, then whichever litter your pup is in.

If for some reason there is not a puppy available that is a good fit for your family you will remain on the waiting list in the order the deposit was received for upcoming litters until the right puppy is born.

If you prefer to only be notified when a certain color, generation, coat type or sex is available, please let me know.

Right now (02/08/2021) The deposits received are for upcoming litters due in April 2021, ready to go home June 2021.

Waiting list:
1st pick: 08/02/2020: James Davern and family (Upcoming April/ May litters, chocolate and chocolate parti, Large boy)

2nd Pick: 10/23/2020: Angelo Grasso(Please contact us in reference to your puppy choice)

3rd pick:11/13/2020: Adriene Barbosa (April/May multi generation chocolates girl wavy/curly. 1:Chocolate or 2nd Apricot, No shedding, 1: Wavy/Curly 2: Loose wave, prefer girl, will consider boy)

4th pick: 11/22/2020: Sandra VanHorn and family (waiting for male parti: Boy, any color prefer choc parti, low to non shedding, loose wave, wavy/ curly, parti male comes up. Possibly( homecoming to line up with the move in late spring, early summer, Currently being built)

5th pick: 12/05/2021: Thomas Kahler

6th Pick: 12/16/2020: Janelle James (apricot or chocolate small/medium)

7th pick: 12/18/2020: Fernando Arroyo (April/ May litters) red or apricot female)

8th pick: 12/22/2020: Dominic Keone (longish like Ruby, Chocolate or Red Multi generation)

9th Pick: 12/23/2020: Kathie Elam (april/may apricot)

10th Pick: 12/27/2020: Colleen and Dennis Baker (Female)

11th Pick: 01/09/2021: Sindu Iska (maybe female, chocolate multi)

12th Pick: 01/19/2021: Otniel, E. Marin (multi generation, prefer girl, open to boy)

13th Pick: 01/20/2021: Juan-Carlos Mereles

14th Pick: 01/25/2021: Dona Thrash (Solid color girl)

15th Pick: 01/29/2021: Kelly Grant: multi generation (first available)
16th pick: 02/09/2021: Neil Ferrer Delgado
17th pick: 02/17/2021: Erin Pontorno
18th pick: 02/18/2021: Yudibeth Marrero
19th pick: 02/18/2021: Dwynn Neary
20th pick: 02/21/2021: Roberto Manalo
21st pick: 02/23/2021: Mary Ellen/ Gregory Pelkey
22nd pick: 02/26/2021: Luis Marencorivera
23rd pick:
24th pick:
25th pick:
26th pick:
27th pick:
28th pick:
29th pick:
30th pick:

10/06/2019: Robin Williams (Multi Generation curly non shedding coat)
01/05/2020: Lynette Woodhouse and family (male)
05/27/2020: Kristen Speakman (mini/medium apricot)
08/07/2020: Amit Varma
12/06/2020: Micul Thompson

Soni's puppy pick:
12/24/2020: Sarah Lozier (Soni's little girl)


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