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SOLD: Norma Rae: F1B Black Tuxedo Parti Labradoodle: Blue collar boy

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Dam: Norma Rae: F1 Black/Silver Labradoodle: weight 65/70 pounds
Sire: Red John: AKC RED Standard Poodle: Weight 50 pounds
Born: August 24th, 2020:
Go home: Week October 19th, 2020
Price: $1200.00 to include the required $300.00 deposit


Beautiful little boy with White with black markings on his low to medium shedding fairly straight coat.

F1B (2nd Generation) Labradoodle:
75% Standard Poodle and 25% Labrador Retriever. 2nd generation can have straight/ wavy/ curlier coats. They are usually low shedding and sometimes non shedding, making them good for most allergy sufferers but definitely not all or severe allergy sufferers!


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