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Retiree: Norma Rae: F1 Black/Silver Labradoodle

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Norma Rae is a 7 year old black/silver F1 Labradoodle, she is a very sweet BIG but calm gentle girl, weights 92 pounds, she is very low shedding and a VERY sweet gentle SMILING (see pic) girl.

I am so very much in hopes of her getting a wonderful home and family of her own, though it will take time for her to figure out it is a good thing.
Please Note:
It is important that who ever adopts her knows it will take time and patience for her to learn her new home is a good thing, but I know in time and with the right family she will adjust but it may a month or two but she is worth the patience.
She was just fixed and up to date on all shots, flea treatment, wormed and microchipped. She is potty and crate trained and would do best with a LARGE yard to run and play in, she is VERY happy when we go outside and she can run free. Country life would be ideal, once she is adjust to her new family.
Please do not consider her unless you are able allow her plenty of time (at least a month or two) to adjust because I know she will but needs time.


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