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Norma: F1 Black Labradoodle

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Norma: F1 Black Labradoodle
7 years young
Weight 95 pounds
Rehome fee: $450.00

Norma Rae is a 7 year old, very sweet f1 Black/ Silver Labradoodle girl looking for her FUREVER home where she can spend the rest of her life being a very loved couch potato. Being the alpha pack leader most of her life, she will do best being the only dog or with a male dog, knowing she will be the dominant girl.
She is potty (may need reminding for the first few weeks) and crate trained. She is fixed and up to date on all shots, flea treatment, worming and is microchipped.
Being an f1 Labradoodle, she is a low to medium shedding and is not recommended for most allergy sufferers, though her shedding is less than most dogs.

Please only consider her if you have the time and patience to help refresh her potty training and for her to adjust to her new home and family, some adjust quicker than others.
SIDE NOTE and something to consider:
Norma has been returned several times:
1: Tried to escape over fence (Need at least a 6 foot or a electric fence)
2: Wouldn't eat (They had mistakenly bought the wrong food)
3: Adopted and Loved part of her new family (the two that came and took her home) and other dog but would NOT accept everyone else even after months of training.

Due to the above I believe Norma Rae needs a single person or couple with a pet, with a tall 6 foot fence (Or invisible electric)


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