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Hi Royce Ann!

Just wanted to update you on “Fergus.” He is doing very well with his training and is incredibly smart. He can learn something new within 10 minutes and remembers it every time after that. He is already learning to “paw” objects on command. He already knows all of his basic obedience and has been doing very well going into grocery stores and meeting new eople and dogs. He’s such a natural!

Anyhow, I think I already found a home for him when he completes his training. The woman has vision impairment, but is not blind. However, she is still legally disabled and has need of assistance. “Fergus” I know will work well for her and they have already met and like each other very much. However, I think it will be at least another 6 months before he is ready to go, however, the woman is local so she will be playing a major part in his training.

I will try and get video soon to send to you. Also, if you have any pups in the future that have the same temperament as Fergus, please let me know! This is the PERFECT dog for service work. He is such a natural! I would be honored to train more “Ferguses” LOL



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