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What is F1, F1B and Multi Generation?


F1 (1st Generation) Labradoodles: We no longer breed F1s.
Basically, what that means is that they are 50% Standard Poodle and 50% Labrador Retriever. Though they shed less than most breeds, they do shed.
1st generation Labradoodles have a 50% chance to be more like the Poodle and have low to no shedding curly or wavy coats and a 50% chance they will be more like the Lab and have a sleek shiny, shedding coat.
F1B (2nd Generation) Labradoodle:
75% Standard Poodle and 25% Labrador Retriever. 2nd generation can have straight, wavy, or curlier coats. They are usually low shedding and sometimes non-shedding, making them good for most allergy sufferers but definitely not all or severe allergy sufferers!
Multi-Generation Labradoodle
F1B X F1b or F1b X Poodle and up:
Consistently Non Shedding with wavy or curly, usually but not always fleece coats, making them excellent for most allergy sufferers.
Most people have a preference for male or female based on their own past experiences.
I frequently get asked, “Are males more aggressive than females?” The answer is absolutely not. Though some breeds are more aggressive than others, most puppies and dogs are individuals, and their personalities and temperaments are based on their genetics, training, and environment.
I have never met an aggressive Labradoodle, male or female. The only real difference between a male and a female Labradoodle, other than the obvious is a male is SOMETIMES (depending on parents) bigger and if not fixed will mark his territory. And a female, if not fixed, will have a heat cycle and bleed.
Otherwise, there are not any real differences, so please don’t be discouraged from choosing that little boy or girl with the adorable cute personality just because he/she may not be a girl/boy, they may be your perfect match, grin!
Males and female Labradoodles are extremely loving, playful, kind, and just plain silly; they are smarter than most family members, making them a true joy!
What is a Parti-colored Labradoodle?
In the Doodle and Poodle world, the term Parti Doodle simply means there are 2 colors and the main color is white.
Example: Chocolate Parti Labradoodle means the puppy is white with beautiful chocolate markings on its coat.
Tuxedo Parti means the Parti markings are similar to a gentleman’s tuxedo.

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