What we feed our Kids!


The above link is to the “Dog Food Advisor Site”. They have excellent information on the quality of dog food and use the 5-star system to let you know how your dog’s food is rated.

Nutrition is crucial in a puppy’s development, just because a food has great commercials or your Vet may recommend it DOES NOT assure it is nutritionally sound food.
There are many quality dog foods available, I highly recommend doing research to assure you use a quality food to assure your dog enjoys a long healthy life. 

We use “Diamonds Natural chicken and rice flavor”, it is rated 5 out of 5 stars at a 3.5-star price.
It is an All-life-stage food, which means they can eat it from puppy size until full-grown adulthood.

I always send home enough food for several days with new pups, so you can decide for yourself. If you do decide to change foods to something new, I recommend you add the new food a little more everyday until all new over a 5-day span so little bellies don’t get upset. An abrupt change in food can cause diarrhea and upset the stomach.

As always, feel free to email or call with any questions!

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