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Getting Ready for new puppy!

Everyone asks what all I should get to be ready for my new addition, so I have put together a few suggested items to make the first few weeks easier on you and your new Best Friend, smile!

The first thing I always HIGHLY recommend is “Basic puppy training classes”. They will save you hours of frustration and give your little pup a head start in his new world. He will learn how to have good manners, which will make him much more lovable and enjoyable to have as a new family member. And with good manners, it gives him more of a chance to be enjoyed by others as well. No one likes a puppy without manners, It is so very worth the time and money spent, and he deserves it!

Crate or wire kennel, 32 or 36 inch with a divider. Most pet stores and Walmart sell them
I suggest using the divider to make his area in the kennel only big enough to stand out, turn around and lay down. The reason is because if a puppy has room enough to sleep in one corner and potty in the other they will if not taken out to go potty. They will hold it longer verses going to potty where they sleep. Now this being said I NEVER leave a young pup in a kennel for hours and expect him not to relieve himself. Once they are older they are able to hold it for hours but NOT as a small pup. Once the pup is potty trained you can take the divider out so he can have more room to relax and enjoy his home. Dogs are Den animals and will LOVE their crate /Kennel as their own safe place. The crate is always to be a safe happy place for them, NEVER a punishment place.
Toys; especially chew toys.
Puppies, just like babies will teeth, so LOTS and LOTS of chew toys for sure. They all love the rubber kongs with a hole for treats, squeeky toys and nylabones. Be sure all squeeky toys do not have small parts they can choke on. When a pup gets an item like my shoe that they are not allowed to chew on I always say no in a firm voice and then hand him one of his chew toys and let him lovingly know it is ok to chew on the chew toy. It doesn't take long before they learn the difference, I NEVER EVER fuss or be mean to teach, it only teacjes them to be afraid of you.
Of course the basics;
A. Food
B. Treats
C. Plenty of water
D. Collar and leash
E. Cozy Bed and Blanket
F. Lots of Love, attention and play time
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