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Royce Ann,

Congratulations on the new puppies. They look adorable.

Here is an update on Sara in case some information about a past puppy will help a future buyer….

I’ve attached a couple recent pictures of Sara. She’s celebrating her 4 month birthday tomorrow and is now 29 lbs. The vet is estimating her adult weight to be around 60 lbs. She is generally very calm, mild and has a very sweet personality. She loves people, other dogs and is getting along very well with one of our cats as you can see in the picture. As of right now, her coat is staying fairly short. The shedding seems to be at a minimum. I find a little bit of hair on the floor at the end of the week, but never see it fall off her while petting her. Her coat is somewhat “wiry” like a terrier. She has longer “whiskers” under her chin and longer hair on her ears, back and back of legs.

Her puppy training has gone very well. She’s very intelligent and has picked up commands such as sit, lay down, stay, give, leave it, etc… all pretty quickly.

As far as crate training – she got up once each night for a potty break the first week after coming home to us. From that point on, she’s slept through the night in her crate without any issues. The crate is in our bedroom and she seems content. She always wants to be with us and is very much a people dog. She is happiest by your side, but a little big to be considered a lap dog. 🙂

I’m very happy with our labradoodle and would recommend the breed to anyone. 🙂

Thanks again. Hope you and the family are all doing fine.


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