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Orlando and Don

(Orly’s first camping trip and rock climbing)

Hi Royce Ann:
We hope that you are doing well. Just wanted to drop you a line a say “hello”. We’re doing great, Orly is coming along fine. Housebroken in 4 weeks, doing good with commands and now I have him on the gentle leader so he is not pulling when we walk on the leash. He has learned how to jump on the bed so guess where he sleeps now ??? I wanted to ask you how big to you think he’ll get. I know that both Pearl and Soda are around 70 lbs each but every single person that has met Orly exclaims how BIG he is going to be because of the size of his feet. I started to get nervous that he might be a horse instead of a dog. Anyway we are working with public access going to the home depot and grocery store in the evening to practice the service dog routine. I have a call in to the trainer about his jumping and barking at people in the stores ( he gets excited when he sees other people). He goes to work with me everyday and naps in my office. I allow him to interact with patients on a limited basis until his jumping and biting diminish. He gets better and better all the time. We are practicing sitting in the airplane by sitting in my van and pretending it’s the airplane. He does very well in closed and confined spaces. We leave next Saturday on our first flight from San Diego to Wash DC as a “service dog in training” That’s the update. Hope you and the pups are doing well.


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