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Guardian Homes are a great opportunity for the right family. Guardianship enables my breeding dogs to live one on one with their furever family, being loved and care for while they are participating in my breeding program.

The Guardian family gets to participate in our Breeding Program (The “Miracle of life”) and they get to have a beautiful Labradoodle pup to add to their family at just the cost of care to maintain a healthy happy Doodle! In exchange Labradoodle Country will receive 1 litter of pups. You will pay a refundable $400.00 deposit that will be refunded once the litter of puppies are born and adopted.

If interested in participating in our Guardian Puppy Program please contact me and let’s talk, smile!

Please only apply if you are able to provide proper care for the puppy and if the puppy will be an inside pet that will be a 100% part of your family, that is whole purpose of us allowing guardianship of our breeders!

Puppy Guardian Contract

Labradoodle Country

3825 SE 180th St

Summerfield, Fl. 34491



Date signed: ________________________

Purpose of Agreement: The purpose of this agreement is to define the terms and Conditions of a guardianship agreement between _______________________________                                        hereafter referred to as “guardians”, and Royce Ann Nelson representing Labradoodle Country, hereafter referred to as “breeder”.

Agreement Participants:

This agreement pertains to: out of:

Dam: ______________________________________

Sire: _______________________________________

Born: ______________________________________

The above named dog will continue to be owned by Royce Ann Nelson with Labradoodle Country until the dog has whelped 1 litter from the date of the contract, or until the agreement is terminated by one of the parties in a way agreed upon by both breeder and Guardian and defined by this agreement.

All whelped puppies will belong to Labradoodle Country.

The dog will live with and be cared for by the guardian.

All decisions related to the breeding and reproductive life of the dog rest solely with the breeder.

Guardian Obligations:

The guardians are responsible for properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog.

Guardians must follow breeder’s nutritional guidelines, exercise the dog appropriately, pay for care and food-related expenses, and pay for health and sick visits to the veterinarian.

Guardians must surrender the dog to the breeder whenever requested for breeding,  veterinary visits and whelping.  The dog will reside with the breeder until the whelped litter is weaned (unless agreed upon in writing before).

Guardians agree to cooperate in arranging or helping with transport of the dog for natural breeding, or wellness checks.

Guardians will inform the breeder as soon as there is evidence the dog has come into season.

Guardians may not choose or allow any elective veterinary procedures to be performed on the dog without the written consent of the breeders.

Guardians may not use or allow the use of the dog for breeding purposes except as those arranged for by the breeders.

The guardians are responsible to insure that all persons residing with the guardians and the dog understand and abide by the guardian contract.

Guardians agree to reside within 250 miles of Labradoodle Country for the duration of this contract. If guardian residence changes to a location outside this radius, the guardian is responsible for transportation for breeding purposes.

Failure to meet any of these obligations can result in the dog being removed from the guardian home and termination of the guardianship agreement. If for any reason Dog is not returned or contract not honored Guardian will owe Breeder the minimum of $5000.00.

Illness, Injury or Death of the dog while in the guardians care:

The guardians are responsible for seeking prompt and appropriate veterinary care in the event of injury or illness of the dog.

If choices need to be made regarding type of treatment these choices must be presented to and made by the breeders unless emergency treatment is required.

If the dog dies accidentally due circumstances beyond the control of the guardians the guardians do not owe any payment to the breeders. Proof of accidental death must be provided to breeder and the dogs remains returned to breeder to be seen by Breeders Vet unless otherwise agreed upon.

If the dog dies due to negligence on the part of the guardian the guardian owe the Breeders $5000.00. Negligence is defined as but not limited to:

Failure to contain or supervise the dog in a responsible manner.

Leaving the dog alone in a vehicle if the outdoor temperature is over 65 degrees

Failure to prevent the dog from having access to toxic materials.

Failure to provide safe means of containment while the dog is in a moving vehicle (use

of a crate or canine safety belt is recommended).

Leaving the dog in the sole care of a person under the age of 14 years.

Death of the Dog while in the breeders care:

If the dog dies while in the breeders care, the breeder will provide, free of charge, a replacement  puppy to the guardian and the guardianship relationship is terminated.

Transfer of ownership of a proven breeder:

After  dog has whelped 1 litter,  the dog will be spayed at the breeder’s expense and the guardians will have full ownership of the dog.

The guardians may return the dog to the breeders at any time and for any reason and the guardianship agreement will be terminated.


Breeder’s Signature_____________________________________________

Breeders Name:  Royce Ann Nelson

Breeders Address:  3825 SE 180th St. Summerfield, Fl. 34491

Breeders Phone Number: 352-455-3459

Guardian’s Signature:____________________________________________

Guardian’s Name:_______________________________________________

Guardian’s Address: _____________________________________________

Guardian’s Phone Number:__________________________________


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