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Just wanted to give you an update. Royce is going strong. He’s about 16 weeks old and 35lbs and growing more and more everyday. He has started to shed a little bit mostly after his bath but he’s not bothering my allergies so we’re getting along just fine. Royce graduated Puppy School last week and we’re enrolled in the intermediate class to start in the next few weeks and on our way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Royce has learned to sit, stay, wait for food and opening doors, leave it, drop it, go home, shake, and roll over. He enjoys going on long walks now that he’s a little bigger and is cautious around other dogs at first but jumps right in to play after he warms up. He loves kids, he’s such an attention hog around children, loves to bask in his own cute glory. He’s too cute and he knows it. We’re about 98% potty trained now but he’s getting a little territorial in his older age. Love the pictures of your golden doodles, so cute! Hope all is well. Enjoy the pictures


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