What others are saying about our Labradoodles!

Paula Ann L.

The following is a reference letter written By Paula (Mister Marleys mom) to one of our new customers asking for references.

Hello, I would be glad to answer honestly any questions you have on the labradoodle breed. Yes, we purchased a labradoodle puppy. They are GREAT dogs all the way around. Mister Marley is a big dog. He is 74 pounds and he is 10 months old now. He is very smart and is very very obiedient. He sits, shakes, gives high 5, lays down when told and even waits till I tell him he can eat his food, he will pick which hand the treat is hiding under. He listens well. We have had no health issues at this point with Mister Marley. We have a big fenced in yard, but for most part he is under my feet at all times inside no privacy with Marley in the house. He is good with my 2 cats and he is awesome with children and other dogs. House breaking Marley was pretty easy within in a month with very few accidents and he is totally broken now!! He is great in a crate and he loves to ride in the truck back seat. We had Mister Marley neutered as soon as he could so he does hike his leg he squats. Too funny. As long as he has toys and chew stuff he has not chewed only one thing in the house very very good for a puppy!! We love him and he is got a great temperament and personality. Mister Marley looks a lot like his mom Lissie. We took 3 hours to decide between 2 dogs we wanted husband liked one and I liked the other. We ended up with the one my husband liked. Not as curly hair as the other would have had. We give him a bathe with the hose once a week and he likes it. The hardest thing with Marley was getting him to walk beside me on a leash when out in public. Liked to pull me but I worked with him and he is good now. Royce Anne and her husband were awesome people and we stayed for 3 hours trying to decide and they were great. We keep in contact and I will attach a picture of Mister Marley in this letter to you. He looks more like a lab that a poodle. As far as stress when purchasing the dog the only stress was actually not wanting to pick all of them up and bring them on home. No stress at all they are great people. Exercise is minimal. I guess it depends on the dog and the situation of the dogs home. I have to be honest say Mister Marley is a LAZY puppy foir sure. He plays with tennis balls and loves his frisbees. Sticks eats them. Likes to be outside to play for a bit and then in with me by my side. He has a big pillow bed in our room and he sleeps in our room all night. Not a big barking dog either only when he sees or hears something that is not right. Marley sheds a little because his coat is more like a lab and not poodle he is not curly like some of the labradoodles are. I am allergic to my 2 cats but not Mister Marley!! I feed Mister a raw egg in his dry food once a week and his coat is shinny. Good for a dogs coat. As far as grooming we do take Marley to be groomed once every other month cause he gets some whispy hairs on his face, chin and legs so we have him cut and his nails trimmed that's all. I know the culier doodles need grooming frequently!! If I can be of any other help please call or contact me. I hope this was of some help to you. Royce Anne is a very good breeder not a back yard breeder and dirty. Good luck to you. Please call if you need to.

Just wanted to give you an update. Royce is going strong. He's about 16 weeks old and 35lbs and growing more and more everyday. He has started to shed a little bit mostly after his bath but he's not bothering my allergies so we're getting along just fine. Royce graduated Puppy School last week and we're enrolled in the intermediate class to start in the next few weeks and on our way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Royce has learned to sit, stay, wait for food and opening doors, leave it, drop it, go home, shake, and roll over. He enjoys going on long walks now that he's a little bigger and is cautious around other dogs at first but jumps right in to play after he warms up. He loves kids, he's such an attention hog around children, loves to bask in his own cute glory. He's too cute and he knows it. We're about 98% potty trained now but he's getting a little territorial in his older age. Love the pictures of your golden doodles, so cute! Hope all is well. Enjoy the pictures


I can't tell you how much we love our Suki girl. She is turning 2 next month and 48lbs! Can you believe it? She is a total Daddy's girl, kitty kisser, snuggle pup. All in all, perfect. We really couldn't ask for a better dog. She gets along with everyone and really loves other dogs (which is why we HAVE to get her a little sister) and is just so playful and sweet. I have tons of great photos to share. These are baby photos 2mo-3mo. I'll send others in the next email

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