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Beauty, Brains and Personality, Now that's a Doodle!


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F1b Labradodles ready to go home:

1: Grams litter F1b Black Labradoodles, nice wavey to curly coats (except the boy) and PERSONALITY!

Grams 2:

Heidis litter of f1b chocolate and black Labradoodles:

Zoeys F1b Goldendoodles:

250.00 (non-refundable) deposit to reserve your puppy of choice, go to www.paypal.com using labradoodlecountry@yahoo.com as the send to email address.

You are welcome to come meet the puppies anytime. Just let me know day and time and I will do my best to make it happen. We are located in Central Florida, about an hour north of Orlando. Email for address and Please read VISITING DAY link to the left before your visit!

Shipping $350.00, we only charge actual shipping cost

Meet our "Available Puppies"!

Click any picture for more information and pictures!

Grams f1b Black Labradoodles: Maroon collar girl


Norma Rae: F1b Black Labradoodle: Pink/Purple Collar girl


Micky: Norma Rae: F1b Black Labradoodle: Orange/blue Collar Boy


Heidis F1B Black Labradoodle: male; yellow collar


Zoey: F1b Apricot Goldendoodles: male: Blue collar


Zoey: F1b Apricot Goldendoodle: girl: purple collar