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Paula Ann L.

The following is a reference letter written By Paula (Mister Marleys mom) to one of our new customers asking for references. Hello, I would be glad to answer honestly any questions you have on the labradoodle breed. Yes, we purchased a labradoodle puppy. They are GREAT dogs all the way around. Mister Marley is a …

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03-05-2010: Just wanted to give you an update. Royce is going strong. He’s about 16 weeks old and 35lbs and growing more and more everyday. He has started to shed a little bit mostly after his bath but he’s not bothering my allergies so we’re getting along just fine. Royce graduated Puppy School last week …

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Suki I can’t tell you how much we love our Suki girl. She is turning 2 next month and 48lbs! Can you believe it? She is a total Daddy’s girl, kitty kisser, snuggle pup. All in all, perfect. We really couldn’t ask for a better dog. She gets along with everyone and really loves other …

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She loves the water! She just got done swimming in the pool all by herself. I was inside sending u pics and heard the splash! She was chasing a toad around! Dave rescued it and she sighed/snorted like “Uh! Dad you ruin everything!” so funny


Buddy (Soda X Goldie) Hello! I just wanted to send some updated pictures of Buddy for you. I tried to send some a while ago, but I don’t think they went through. Buddy is full grown now, weighing in at 70 lb., he still thinks he’s a little puppy though and tries to get up …

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Orlando and Don

(Orly’s first camping trip and rock climbing) Hi Royce Ann: We hope that you are doing well. Just wanted to drop you a line a say “hello”. We’re doing great, Orly is coming along fine. Housebroken in 4 weeks, doing good with commands and now I have him on the gentle leader so he is …

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Mr. Marley

Here is our MisterMarley with Santa and his old then new handsome haircut. We love him so much he was truly a blessing to our family for sure. Thank you Royce Anne we love ya.

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